Setup Microsoft OneDrive - MacOS

This article provides details on how to install and setup OneDrive on a Mac.



  • Open Finder go to Applications and double-click the 


  • The Setup window will open. Input your Vicbar email address and click Sign in

              Screenshot of the first page of OneDrive Setup

  • If prompted for account type select Work or school/university


  • Input your Vicbar email password.


  • On the This is your OneDrive folder window, click Choose OneDrive Folder Location.

               Screenshot of the This is Your OneDrive Folder page in Welcome to OneDrive wizard on a Mac

  • Click Choose this location.

              Screenshot of choosing a folder location in the Welcome to OneDrive wizard on a Mac

  • Click Next


  • The Sync Files from Your OneDrive window will open. If this is the first time setting up OneDrive this will be empty. Select the checkbox to Sync all files and folders and click Next.


  • The Your OneDrive Is Ready for You window will open. Ensure you tick the Open at login so that your files will always sync automatically.


  • Click Open my OneDrive folderFinder will open at your OneDrive folder. Any files you copy to or save in this location will now sync with your OneDrive.


  • To access OneDrive click on the OneDrive icon in the menu bar, this will show your recently synced files. Click on the folder icon to be taken to all your files.



To access your files on a another PC that does not have the OneDrive client installed open your web browser and navigate to 

Sign in using your Vicbar email address and password.

Click on OneDrive, your files will be available via the web browser.




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