Email Setup - iOS Mail App (iPhone/iPad)

These instructions are for adding a Vicbar email address to Apple's builtin email app on iPhone and iPad.


Step 1.

  • Open the Settings app.


  • Scroll down and tap on Accounts and Passwords (On older versions of iOS tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars

Device Settings > Accounts & Passwords         

  • Tap Add Account

Tap "Add Account"                                                      


Step 2.

  • Select Exchange

                    Choose Exchange

Step 3.

  • Enter your Vicbar email address and a description of the account, tap Next.


  • A new window will open tap Sign In


  • Enter you Vicbar email password and tap Sign in or Next

(Note: At this stage you may be prompted to provide further account information, details are at the end of this article)


Step 4.

  • Choose the services you want to sync on your iOS device and tap Save.

                   Account sync settings

  • The account is now added, it will begin downloading your mailbox. You can now begin using the Mail app.





Exchange - Manual Settings

If prompted to provide further details of your account please use the following details:

Email:           Your Vicbar email address


Option 1: BCL Servers:    

Option 2: Microsoft Servers:

Domain:       BCL                               

Username:   Your Vicbar email address

Password:    Your Vicbar email password


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