Skype for Business

These instructions are for the operation of Skype for Business, installed in BCL video conference rooms.

When first opening Skype for Business you will be presented with the main Skype interface. From here you will be able to access all of Skype's features. 

  1.  Contacts, History, Meetings and Settings are accessible from this section
  2. Saved contacts will be displayed in this section. It provides a quick method of calling frequently used contacts.

Finding and Adding Contacts

To find a contact enter their Skype username in the "Find someone" search field.

As you type in the username, Skype will start displaying relevant contacts. Skype has two directories it will search in. Use "My Contacts" if your searching for a user in the Vicbar. Use the "Skype Directory" if the user is external.

Once you have found the contact, right-click on the contact to open the context menu. From here you can call or add the user to your contact list.


Making Calls

You can call Vicbar users directly. If the user is an external contact (from Skype directory) you will first need to add them as a contact. (See instructions above)

Once you have the relevant contact ready, hover your mouse over their display picture to reveal the Skype menu. A menu with 5 options will display. From left to right the options are:

  1. Send an Instant Message.
  2. Start an audio call.
  3. Start a video call.
  4. See contact card.
  5. More Options.

Click on either Audio or Video call depending on your preference. The contact will recieve a popup on their screen where they can either accept or reject the call.


On a Call

Once a call is in progress, you can control the call via the various buttons at the bottom of the session.

  1. Clicking the Video button will toggle video display on and off.
  2. Click the mute button to toggle the audio on and off.
  3. To end a call press the red End call button or close the window.


Remove a contact

If you need to remove a contact you have added, hover the mouse over the contacts display picture, click 'More Options' (Button 5).

Select "Remove from contacts list"


Can't Call? Get the Recipient To Call You

Each Meeting Room has a personalised Skype For Business account which other parties (internal & external) can call you. To check which account your Meeting Room is using, go to File > "Change My Sign-In Address..."

The "Sign-in Address" will display the account email address which other Skype or Skype For Business users can contact you. Please do not make any changes to the Sign-in address or options.

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