Email Troubleshooting

This article will list common issues with various email clients and troubleshooting steps on how to resolve them.


Problem: I am not receiving new emails

  • Ensure your internet connection is working by browsing to a website. If you cannot browse to any websites troubleshoot your internet connection, otherwise continue down this list.


  • Close and open your email client, on Windows this means clicking on the 'X' in the upper right of the window. On mac you need to quit via the menu bar (Using Outlook for example, click 'Outlook' and then 'Quit Outlook' in the menu bar. Open the email application and check if you now receive any emails.

  • If using Outlook, check the email clients status in the lower right of the window. It can provide information on the problem.  If status says 'Connected' email is working. 

  • If the status is set to 'Working Offline' click on the 'Send/Receive' tab and click on the 'Work Offline' icon to go back online. The status should change to connected and you should start receiving email.
  • If status is set to 'Password required' close the email application and re-open it, you should receive a prompt for your password. If you have multiple email accounts ensure the password notification is connecting to the correct account.
  • Reboot your computer and then check if you receive any email.
  • If your email client still cannot receive new emails login to and check if you are receiving email.  


Problem: Emails are stuck in the Outbox

  • Confirm you are connected to the internet by browsing to a website, if you are not connected to the internet it is normal for emails to sit in the Outbox they will send the next time you are connected to the internet.
  • Check the file size of any attachments, the email will need to be under 20MB in size in order to send. If the attachments are over 20MB split them over multiple emails. Note: Due to the way attachments are stored in emails a file that is 15MB on your computer may exceed 20MB when attached to an email.
  • If attachments are under the size limit and you are connected to the internet, move the email to the 'Drafts' folder by dragging and dropping. Restart your email application open the email from the Drafts folder and try sending again.
  • If the email still cannot send, copy the contents  and delete the email that is stuck. Create a new email message and paste the contents. Try to send the email now.
  • Login to and send the email.


Problem: Outlook (Windows) will not open

  • Restart your computer then try to open Outlook.
  • Ensure Office is up to date, open another Office application such as word. Click 'File' --> 'Account' --> 'Update Options' --> 'Update Now'
  • Try running Outlook in safe mode - press Windows Key + R on your keyboard and type Outlook.exe /safe in the run window and press 'OK'. 


Problem: I am receiving a bounce-back message

Bounce back emails will provide the reason they bounced in the contents of the email. Common reasons include:

  • 'The user does not exist' check you have typed the address correctly.
  • 'Attachments too large' different email servers will have different size restrictions, 10MB being common. 
  • 'Email rejected due to spam filter' this can occur if sending .exe or macro files, many spam filters blanket ban these file types.

If you are not sure forward the bounce-back email to for assistance. 


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