Email Setup - Windows Mail (Windows 10)

It is recommended to use Outlook as your mail client, however if you do not own a copy of Microsoft Office you can use the mail app built in for free for Windows 10.

Step 1:

  • Open the Mail app

         Shows the Mail app for Windows 10 as it appears on the Windows Start menu

  • If this is the first time using Mail the Welcome page will appear. Click 'Add Account' and skip to step 3.

The Add acount dialog box on the Mail welcome page

Step 2:

  • If you have used Mail before click on the Settings icon in the lower left of the Mail app, a menu will popup.

  • Click 'Manage Accounts' then 'Add account'

Step 3:

  • A new window will open, for account type choose 'Exchange'


  • Enter your email address and your email password.
  • Enter an account name, this is what the account will be called in the Mail app. You can use your name or Vicbar etc.
  • Click 'Done'

Step 4:

  • Mail will now start downloading your emails, depending on the size of your mailbox and internet speed this may take a while.
  • Setup is complete.
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