Troubleshoot Internet connection

This article will list common troubleshooting steps when you are not able to connect to the internet. See the 'Computer Network Connection Status' article to assist with troubleshooting.


  • Try accessing multiple websites, it is possible the website you are trying to access is currently down.


  • Check that all network cables are securely connected.


  • If your internet is connected via a BCL Alcatel phone, reboot the phone. Look at the back of the phone, there are two network ports. Disconnect the cable going to the port labelled 'LAN' the phone will power off. Wait 10 seconds and plug it back in the phone will take approximately 30 seconds to restart. Check if network connection is restored.


  • If using any personal network devices such as wireless routers/switches restart them. Check if network connection is restored.


  • Restart your computer, Check if network connection is restored.


  • If your device connects via WiFi ensure wifi is turned on, and settings like airplane mode are turned off.


  • If your device connects via WiFi ensure you are connecting to the correct wireless network. Forgetting the wireless network and reconnecting can often restore the connection.


  • If you can connect to the internet but are having trouble connecting to local network devices such as networked printers, disconnect any smartphones connected to your computer via usb. If usb-tethering is enabled your computer will use your phones data connection instead.
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